Sample pages from our Reports. All reports are full color, downloadable or printed with a summery page

Electrical Safety Issues- found in a 60 year old home.

Thermal Imaging - â€‹offered with every home inspection and mandatory with moisture & mold inspections

Sewer Camera Inspection- Tree roots growing in the joints of the 6" crock pipe installed in the 50's

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Many issues here, first picture is a breaker no longer produced due to the reputation of not tripping and causing house fires. second is a breaker panel without a main breaker/ shut off with copper and aluminum wires together in the same lug. third picture is an outlet in the basement, no ground connected and should be a GFCI. fourth is old cloth lined wires not to code anymore and last is a outlet in the kitchen with out a ground. Many of todays standards have changed since the time this home was built, The cost of upgrading this system is worth the peace of mind. Caution-Check your homes electric panel for the names Federal Pacific or Federal NOARK or Federal Stablock, If you see one of these We recommend contacting a Licensed electrician for further examination or upgrading your panel. They were produced and installed from the 60's through the 80"s

Attic Inspection - Make sure your inspector goes in the attic.

Crawlspace Inspections - Yes we enter all safe, accessible areas